Flag of the Ophidian Empire


“Of course it flaps in the breeze. You would too if you were trying to escape this godforsaken land.” – The Last Prophet in Birovezjo Ajer

The Flag of The Ophidian Empire, often called “Henaj Fajmer” or “The Wing of Fajmer” was adopted shortly after the fall of the Serpent Kings in the War of the Gods.

The flag depicts the wing of the legendary first emperor of the empire, Fajmer, covering the entirety of the flag. The golden background either represents the sands of the empire, or else the color of the sky the day the Gods left, depending on the account. Regardless, it symbolizes the power and omnipresence of the dragonic rulers of the empire.

It is often flown pairwise, so that each flag may represent a single wing.

Flag of the Ophidian Empire

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