The Ophidian Empire

“Physically they resemble snakes, but have humanoid torsos. Some of them have snake-like tails, others have no legs but the lower body of a snake, and some have multiple arms." – Sjardiz hal Segi Birogen on the Ophidians


(Not to be confused with The Dragon Empire from The 13th Age)

The Dragon Empire rules the Wasteland with an iron fist. It’s ruled over by dragons as a name such as “The Dragon Empire” might imply. Dragonics are the primary citizens with all other races being relegated as secondary citizens.

In the 17th Age, when it was called the Ophidian Empire, it was ruled by malevolent Serpent Kings. The Empire was once known for its extensive eugenics program, strengthening the races of dragonics and ophidians.

The 18th Age was dominated by the War of the Gods, which resulted in the decline of the Ophidians and the rise of the Chromatic Dragons as the main power structure of the empire.

The Dragonic Army consists mostly of dragonic soldiers, though there have been some mercenary units on the periphery composed of other races.



The Ophidian Empire

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