The Ophidians once ruled the Ophidian Empire. Now they are sealed in a microdimension dome in Ravenholm.


Ophidians are extremely high in charisma. They are also psionic.


Ages ago (insert age here), the Ophidians awoke and began their conquest of The Dragon Empire. They used their impressive persuasive abilities to rapidly dominate many of the major icons, be it through mind-controlling magic items, treacherous advisors, or dominating the populace.

Their power began to decrease when their empire reached its zenith. Their culture was founded on expansion and forever increasing their own population. They instigated genocide in an attempt to continue population growth. Eventually, when that too failed, they captured the Archmage. The exact plan they had with this is lost with time. But it sparked the War of the Gods.


Ophidians have an extremely active hive mind. Each Ophidian has their own personality, but is also able to communicate with those nearby. An Ophidian’s personality can persist after their body dies, so long as the remaining Ophidians devote mental energy to perpetuating that consciousness.

In their rise to power, this was an advantage. The greatest tacticians, wizards, and scholars were able to persist their wisdom. However, maintaining universal persistent cognition required a steady increase in the size of the Ophidian population.

When The Ophidian Empire reached its maximum extent, it began a slow decline in available brain power.

The decrease led the Ophidians to lose some control over their individuality.

Now, the Ophidians immediately mummify a quarter of their infant population, for use as solid state storage. The less important Ophidians are stored there to await being awakened when there are enough conscious Ophidians to support them.


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