The Holy Messenger

It was a dark and stormy night, and the holy messenger was on a mission to save the Archmage.

Loose spells whizzed through the air as the holy messenger climbed the Archmage’s tower. When he reached the Archmage’s arcanogenesis chamber, the Archmage, strained under the pressure of the building magic, handed him a scroll. Waving his hand, the Archmage commanded the swirling storm clouds above to form a staircase to the heavens. He told the holy messenger: “Run across the clouds and tell Orlanth I have the magic. With haste, or none of us may survive!”

The holy messenger’s journey up the stairs was long and arduous. The winds ripped at him and the lightning crackled near his form. Nearly beaten, the holy messenger reached the gates of Orlanth. At the gate stood a hero who greeted the holy messenger and quickly escorted him to Pluton.

The holy messenger entered Orlanth’s temple. Hearing that the Archmage had stolen the Serpent Kings’ magic, Orlanth asked the holy messenger to guard the gods while they focused on their sleep spell. Without the magic, the Serpent Kings could not foresee the spell, and their forces were repelled before they reached Orlanth’s temple.


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