The calendar has been in use since the earliest ages. It is a twelve-month calendar, beginning in the Spring. When the age changes, the year number resets with the next Budbranch.

This does not mean that The Ophidian Empire uses the same names for the months, however. Each name has been translated or changed over time, and is included in another table below.

The Months in English

Name Season Abbreviation
Budbranch Spring Bud
Meadowbreeze Spring Mead
Bloodmoon Spring Blud
Sunreach Summer Sun
Farwalk Summer Far
Goldscale Summer Gold
Tallcrown Autumn Tall
Thickfort Autumn Thik
Nightcreep Autumn Nigh
Icehowl Winter Ice
Tombfrost Winter Tomb
Softchill Winter Soft

The Months in Tjagonaj

Name Season Abbreviation
Bobirandjo Spring Bob
Birezmedho Spring Bir
Mombilod Spring Mom
Redjozon Summer Red
Moligvar Summer Mol
Selgolid Summer Sel
Ciromindal Autumn Rom
Fordhogig Autumn For
Cirevmerdho Autumn Rev
Homlajag Winter Hom
Firzodom Winter Fir
Tjolzodho Winter Tjol


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