This is a compendium of the books that are popular or influential in The Ophidian Empire.

Sjardiz hal Segi Birogen – A cultural-historical record of the empire. It spans the time period from the rise of the empire to the end of the War of the Gods. Author unknown

Birovezjo Ajer – The Last Prophet’s book of prophecy and social commentary. Written in poetry and prose.

“Where must we go, we who wander this wasteland, in search of our better selves.”

Regordi si Anderbirojzi Merzenar hal Azerag – The records of Acererak Mercenary Enterprises. Compiled by Birenelon the Scribe.

Adhoridhi e Tez, Keva an Egin Agdhir min hal Tomidjodh – You and Authority, How to Make the Most of Being Downtrodden.

King of Sardar – Book of old myths. Probably trapped. Definitely trapped. There is a giant arcane lock on it, so we don’t know what’s in it yet. Quest item, do not delete from inventory. We opened it and started copying it. Yvruk got his hands fused to the cover.


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