Strangling Sea and other Adventures (Campaign)

Takes place in the year 13 of the 13th Age.

The Strangling Sea (A few weekends between 2/7/14 and 3/3/14) –

Characters Present: Jacques, Jane, Thrace, Wamu, Zdrast

Bloodmoon 23, 13 - These were a couple of sessions in which we playtested The Strangling Sea, soon to be available from Pelgrane Press. Jacques, Janes, Thrace, Wamu and Zdrast were hired by Vinutati to go to the Strangling Sea and find Indigo Sharpie. Before they left, however, they may have stolen a random candle from the room that Vinutati was meeting them in.

They quickly departed for Glitterhaegen and from there to Firigin’s Dome. The journey introduced the Monks on Ice who worshipped Hel. Once there, they found agents of the Prince of Shadows trying to break into Firigin’s Dome. They killed off all of the agents but one – Qure – who they took as their captive. After getting information from Firign, they returned to Glitterhaegen and hired a kobold bard named Meepo to sing for the boat.

Traveling to the Silver Cove, they boarded the boat and sailed to the Strangling Sea. Along their journey, they were attacked by crabs, but Thrace turned out to be sexually attracted to crabs. He fortunately did not get crabs from the encounter, however.

Eventually, they arrived in the Strangling Sea. They encountered goblins, but instead of fighting them, they negotiated (though they had an ambush prepared in case things went south). The goblins told them that Indigo Sharpie was in the dwarves’ possession.

Travelling there, they found the dwarves had built a fence around their stranded ship. On the journey, they were attacked by weedbeasts. The party negotiated with the dwarves for information and were told that the weed rats had Indigo Sharpie. They did, however, lend some of their NPC companions (Qure and Meepo) to the dwarves to see what they could fix on the dwarves’ boat. One player figured out that the dwarves were lying, but they went to visit the weed rats anyway.

The weed rats claimed that they had Indigo Sharpie. After a brief skirmish with some, they negotiated a truce in which the party would kill the dwarves in echange for proof that they had Indigo. The weed rats presented his decapitated body and decided that Indigo Sharpie was clearly dead. Thrace, however, was very clever and realized that the immortality machine that Indigo Sharpie was working on may have been some kind of machine that placed his soul in it and probably was still surviving somewhere.

Thrace led the group to the drarves. Wamu (OUT: Excellent at kicking down walls) swam underwater, fighting off some sharks, and snuck up to the boat while Thrace cast ‘dancing lights’ to distract the dwarves. Wamu kicked a hole in the side of the ship and found Qure and Meepo. Meepo immediately shouted ‘Wamu!’ and Wamu fled, patching the hole terribly while a dwarf came down to check on the problem. Wamu killed the dwarf, freed Qure and Meepo, and found the talking robotic head of Indigo Sharpie.

They escaped and returned Indigo Sharpie to Vinutati.

Strangling Sea and other Adventures (Campaign)

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