Mark’s sound-consistency guide for Dragonic (Tjagonaj, [‘tja.go.naɪ]))( []) Now with bonus Ophidian!
These are some common monsters that residents of the Wastelands probably are already familiar with. A lot of these are taken from the Dark Sun Creature Catalog.

Baazrag (Bazraja, [‘baz.raɪ.ja])- Often found in areas with rough terrain to help hide their burrows. Medium sized pack monsters that hunt prey. All are born female. Some become male when an egg-laying breeder is nearby. Powerful baazrag have a natural psychic instinct.

Cacti (Cajdi, [‘kaɪ.di])- These can be monstrous, often having tendrils that reach out and attack. Don’t get too close to one and you should be alright.

Cactodile (Cajdo∂il [‘kaɪ.do.∂il])- Cactus plus crocodile. Lay just under the sand line while gathering sunlight through a cactus-like back growth, ready to ambush prey that wander by.

Chathrang (Tjadhiran, [‘tja.∂ɪ.ran])- Slow and cowards. Travel in groups of three. Not worth training. Have spikes that spit out poisonous tethers to attack prey.

Cilops (Celoviz, [‘kel.o.vɪz]) – It’s a human-sized centipede with one eye.

Crodlu (Cirodjo, [kɪ.’ro.djo])- Featherless birds with powerful legs and clawed forelimbs. Travel in herds. Often trained as mounts.

Dagorran (Tagoran [ta.’])- Reptilian predators, hunt by stumbling upon a creature’s psychic trail. Hunt in packs.

Drakes (Tjagi [‘], however plurals work)- Kinda like dragon except not nearly as smart; more beastial than intelligent.

Gaj (Caj [kaɪ])- A horrific monster that is the equivalent of the boogeyman, a story used to teach children to fear the mountains. Except, given the presence of magic and dragons in this world, the gaj are probably real.

Inix (Inezjo [ɪ.’ne.zjo])- Slow reptile capable of incredible feats of strength. Pretty much don’t harm humanoids.

Megapede (Megabidho [‘∂o])- This is clearly an old treasure from AD&D 2e. It’s exactly what it sounds like – a giant centipede (much bigger than a cilops)

Nightmare Beast (Beznomar [‘])- Similar to gaj in that they are a reason to stay away from the mountains.

Silk Wyrm (Firnezilja [fɪr.nɛ.’zil.ja])- Large snakes.

Silt Horror (Horozilda [’zil.da])- Basically, a sand-kraken. These are fairly rare.

Tembo (Tembo [‘tɛ])- Kind of smart, as far as most beasts go.


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