We will be using the modified icon relationship system. For those who aren’t familiar or don’t remember, I will explain it. You will list 3 icon relationships. For example:
+ Archmage
- Raven Queen
+ Prince of Shadows
When you roll for icon relationships, you will roll a single d6. If you roll a 1-2, it will be your first icon relationship (in the example, + Archmage). If you roll a 3-4, it will be your second icon relationship (in the example, – Raven Queen). If you roll a 5-6, it will be your third icon relationship (in the example, – Prince of Shadows). When you call upon you icon relationship, I will roll a d20. On a natural 1-5, there is a complication (in a similar fashion to how 5s worked in the standard icon relationship system).
You may notice that there are a lot fewer icons. We can add more if anyone has any ideas/requests, but the lower the number, the more shared icon relationships you have, the easier it is to deal with the rolls. (Makes this scenario less common: “Oh, we’re in a plot involving the Archmage, the Prince of Shadows, and the Lich King… and someone rolled a 5 with the Orc Lord… huh.”)

Here is a list of the Icons(Note: this section could be split into multiple pages if it becomes too cumbersome.):

Archmage – The Archmage was freed from the Dragon Kings by the gods. He aided the gods for a brief time, but when the gods disappeared, so did he, taking nearly all magic with him. He has not been seen since, but his presence is still felt by all magic-users. Every magic-user (with the exception of necromancers) should probably have an icon relationship with the Archmage. The location of the Archmage is unknown.

Dragon Empress – A five-headed dragon – each head representing one of the five standard chromatic dragon types (sorry purple dragons :/) – rules over the Dragon Empire from their fortress in Inferno. A relationship with the Dragon Empress probably has more to do with your relationship with the Dragon Empire. Dragonics probably get along with the Dragon Empire, whereas halfling scum is looked down upon.

High Druid – The High Druid exists, but her power has greatly waned. She is a fugitive of the Dragon Empire and currently hides in the Feywild. Despite being physically far away, her presence can still be felt throughout the planes. She went poof after making the Feywild. Basically a god there.

Last Prophet – The Last Prophet claims to be able to commune with the gods on rare occasions. He has foreseen several disasters. Still, many do not believe in his connection to the gods. He has not had any prophecies in nearly 20 years. The last prophecy he gave was to some farmer’s child. He is located somewhere in the Wastelands.

Prince of Shadows – The Prince has become a Robin Hood figure for the lesser races. He has become a figure of anti-slavery and justice. He coordinates a freedom fighting force built in the memory of the fabled Acererak Mercenary Enterprises of lore (the original party were turned into company mascots) and the Associated Commercial Merchants of Erf. The Dragon Empire is actively hunting him down. Anyone who publicly supports the Prince will be sentenced to death. His location is unknown.

Raven Queen – The Raven Queen rules over the Shadowfell. Many are not sure what lies within because she blocks most people out. Without the gods, dead souls travel to the Shadowfell. What happens to them there is a large unknown (one that the Dragon Empress is very interested in. Unfortunately for her, but good for the rest of us, the Raven Queen has killed any uninvited guests the minute they entered her realm.) The Raven Queen has permitted the Ashen to come and reside there as a representative of the Dragon Empire, but he hasn’t been very helpful in providing useful information back to the Dragon Empress.


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