So this time around, I’m going to be establishing some of the major gods for the setting. I should have done this with the initial icons and stuff but forgot to. I’m stealing concepts from Glorantha, though “our Glorantha may vary.” They’ll have some of the ideas, but be reworked to fit our campaign. So don’t worry about sticking to the Glorantha canon. Our canon is whatever we want it to be. Some of this is being copied and pasted from Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes. The William and Mary Honor Council would be disappointed in me. [Still working on some details. This is a work in progress… I’ll totally get to this someday, I promise.]



Domain: Goddess of Earth and Life.
Worshippers: Typically elves.
Info: Worship of Ernalda has essentially flatlined throughout the Wastelands, due to the obvious lack of the gifts she normally provides. The elves there still honor her out of tradition, but it’s very much a “praying without any real expectation of response” sort of honor. Inhabitants of the Fey Wilds might be slightly more inclined to show her respect, but their incarnation of the earth goddess might be a bit less…nice.

Beauty, rebirth, delight
Drink from the well of immortality, quench your thirst
This way lies redemption
- Birovezjo Ajer Cando 6

HUMAKT (HOMAJEDH [ho.’maɪ.je∂])

Domain: God of War and Death.
Worshippers: Maybe some of the draconics, though the Dragon Empire is not too fond of the gods in general.

Loyalty and sacrifice
Thousands of people impaled upon a tree of thorns
Necessary evils
- Birovezjo Ajer Cando 17


Domain: God of Air and Storm
Worshippers: Humans and probably a lot of people in the Wastelands.
Basic Information: Orlanth is married to Ernalda. The deeds of Orlanth are responsible for the cosmos. He made the world what it is with his strength and his virtues are what he has used to do it. By right of his mythic deeds, Orlanth is High King of the universe. The mythology of Orlanth can be broken into three general phases. In the first, the Youth of Orlanth, the god is not of cosmic importance, but is busy establishing his strength and virtues. He spent most of this time in the stars where the gods lived. In the second, the Storm Age, Orlanth displays his cosmic powers in mighty struggles with the Ophidian Empire. In the third, the Lightbringers Quest, the single greatest undertaking by the gods, he managed to lead the gods in taking down the Serpent Kings after they tried to kill the sun.
Cult Organization: Each Orlanthi community (be it a clan, tribe, or city) has its own independent cult of Orlanth based around a holy place, with its own priests, and regalia. Worshippers from one community can worship at the shrine of another community. The priests of Orlanth are known as Storm Voices and are chosen by the members and leaders of the local cult.
Holy Places: The tops of sand dunes and other relatively high places.

Majesty, the wind and rain
Whirling stars above listen for their own salvation
Nevermore abandoned
- Birovezjo Ajer Cando 1

Sol (Zuul)

Domain: Goddess of the Light and the Sun
Worshippers: Paladins and clerics, especially Dragonics
Info: The sun is not as popular now as it was in the 13th Age, so the ancient goddess Zuul has rolled into the overall pantheon.

There is no god, only Zuul
Paladin Ravakain continues to not exist.
Overhead forever
- Birovezjo Ajer Cando 23


Domain: Goddess of the Permafrost, mostly
Worshippers: Monks. But there ain’t a lot of ice.
Info: Hel was ruler of the frozen underworld, but it was split from The Wasteland during the War of the Gods.

Frosted mountaintops, snowbanks
Monks on ice perform, ascetisize flamboyantly.
Underworld resurfaced
- Birovezjo Ajer Cando 31

Ted (Ded)

Domain: God of the cycle of life and death
Worshippers: People of The Shadowfell except undead, and inhabitants of The Feywild.
Info: Ted is all about the circle of life. Mufassa gettin uppity? Turn that kitty to grass. He’s not too popular in The Wasteland because of the general lack of life to balance with death. But he is hot stuff in both the lands of life and of death. Nature over nurture.



Domain: Goddess of Spiders and Secrets
Worshippers: Ettercap
Info: This is a minor god that Rencelaw, Sten, and Helivor encountered on their journey to the Feywild to collect some of the special ore Sten needs to make more of his bullets (Session 0.1). Ettercap (basically spider people) seem to worship her. They collect secrets and have been doing so for quite a while now. Rencelaw, Sten, and Helivor were able to shut down their attempt to bring She Who Spins in Darkness back into the world.


Domain: Goddess of Foresight
Worshippers: Oracles and anyone who has been cured of their sight.
Basic Information: Sigonda was a mortal in the 17th Age. When she took the mantle of Occultist, she became a vigilante against the Serpent Kings. She foresaw the Gods come down from the sky and raced there. As reward for her devotion in the War of the Gods, she ascended into godhood. Her successor is presumably the Last Prophet.

Alegzioz (Alexius)
Domain: God of Fire and War


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