Character Creation

Rule #1: Exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis.
Rule #2: Magic is scarce and comes with a cost.
Rule #3: If it doesn’t violate R1 and R2, go for it.
Rule #3.1: If you’re not sure, just ask Michael
Rule #4: Plz follow Mark’s Guide to Dragonic if your character is a Dragonborn

Please put character information in the Characters section.

Exceptions To These Rules: There are some exceptions to these rules that I have in mind already. For example, Sam’s gunslinger, Bree possibly playing Khopesh, Yvruk in general. If you’ve cleared it with me, things like that are fine. [ Mark: In other words, the rule is to be exceptional.]

Sources: The only permitted sources are 13th Age and 13 True Ways. (R1. Basically no looting Deep Magic, and don’t worry about what character options will be coming out in 13th Age in Glorantha. That’s not an option.)

Starting Level: 1

Starting Magic Items: None. R2.

Permitted Races: All core races from 13th Age (including the optional ones such as tiefling and forgeborn). R1. Wood elves have been translated as sand elves and live in the Wastelands. High elves have been translated as merelves and live in the Sunless Sea.

Permitted Classes: R1. Clerics, Occultists, and Wizards are not permitted in this game. There are no gods for the clerics to commune with. The occultist would be someone to save the world. No one is coming to save the world. Wizards study magic, but given the nature of the Archmage nowadays, that’s virtually impossible. You can’t study magic like you used to. Now it involves a lot more natural talent. Anyone who would be a wizard is now a sorcerer.

Magic-user note: R2. All magic-users must go through the mind of the Archmage to reach their magic. He is a madman now and prefers not to be disturbed. Each magic-user class has a note explaining how magic is obtained for them.

Bard – Magic-user note: Bards are sneaky. They don’t use magic often and tend to steal it from under the Archmage’s nose. He knows they do this but can never seem to catch them. Don’t abuse your power, and you probably won’t die. :)
Chaos Mage – Magic-user note: Chaos mages are what happens when you piss off the Archmage. If you’re playing a chaos mage, I want to know what you did that pissed off the Archmage so much that he cursed you with chaos magic. [ Will: It’s not a curse!] [ Wesley: For any sane person, it is. Case in point.] [ Will: Oh Ye of little faith.]
Druid – Magic-user note: Druids have managed to make peace with the Archmage and use magic in a manner that displays respect to the Archmage.
Necromancer – Magic-user note: Necromancers do not have to go through the Archmage. Necromancers are the agents of the Raven Queen outside of the Shadowfell. She has given you this power to do her bidding. As long as you haven’t pissed off the Raven Queen, you shouldn’t have to worry too much.
Paladin[ Michael: I haven’t figured them out. Maybe the magic they get comes from the trace remains of the gods? Or maybe a community’s faith in their paladin is what gives the paladin magic? Might leave this up to whoever decides to play a paladin and make it a R1 thing since paladins aren’t really magic-users unless they’ve taken the cleric talents.]
Ranger – Same as Bard.
Rogue – Same as Ranger, though you might be able to get away with a little extra, if you’re lucky.
Sorcerer – Magic-user note: You dare to be a full-on magic-user? Well, the Archmage doesn’t particularly like this. Whenever you gather power and miss with the attack with a natural roll of 1, bad shit happens. Maybe to you. Maybe to people you know. Maybe you just destroy another little piece of the environment.

Character Creation

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