Aziraja was once a huge trading town, back when the world was whole. It was managed by the great Acererak Mercenary Enterprises. AcME fell when the Ophidian Empire took over. It used to be on the coast, but the oceans have dried up and everything is desert now.

There is a fortress where the dragons and dragonics reside. Outside of the fortress walls are smaller buildings where the lesser races live. The dragons are using the lesser races to search for something unknown beneath the sands.

Campaign History

This is the hub of the campaign, at least for the start.

Important NPCs

Tjamaladara – A black dragon that rules over Aziraja. She is ambitious and is trying to get the slaves to recreate an arcane weapon.

Sora Thava – A female dragonic who manages the slaves. She is Tjamaladara’s presence in the lesser race’s part of town. Enjoys wine, although her current post makes it somewhat harder to come by.

Torin – Torin is a dragonic who is sympathetic to the plights of the lesser races. He is the owner of Torin’s Tavern (the only tavern in Aziraja that caters to the lesser races). He is extremely opposed to discussion of rebellion and will order anyone discussing it out of his tavern.

Benzil the Bookkeeper – An annoying little bastard. He has a collection of rare artifacts and stuff, but he obviously never learned how to share. The guy is a real prick. Dragonic, because race is apparently important in this campaign.

Killed by a sjidaga, a poisonous giant snake. RIP in peace.

Cardhiz the Eggkeeper- Dragonic who watches over the dragon eggs. He is indifferent to most of the racism between the dragons and the other races because very old man.

Sketchy Steve- Night-elf Mohawk. He’s sketchy and can frequently be seen in the alley behind Torin’s Tavern doing disreputable things. Frequent customers seem to become hooked…on Fon-x.

Tjobega- An elvish man in an ornate leather suit with a top hat and goatee. The party killed all his men, but as of 9:26 he hasn’t figured that out yet.


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