A Brief History of the World

Michael: Feel free to contribute ideas of your own to the campaign setting, especially with regard to your character and their place in the world. While there are some details that I have nailed down, there are plenty that I have not. I’ll let you know if any of it conflicts with what I have planned.]


This campaign takes place primarily on a desert world now called the Wasteland, where the Dragon Empire rules with an iron fist. It is more of a Dragon Empire now than it was during the 13th Age. It’s ruled over by dragons as a name such as “the Dragon Empire” might imply. Dragonics are now the primary citizens with all other races being relegated as secondary citizens. Of course, the Dragon Empire is not what it once was and is on a slow decline.

Long ago (like the 17th Age), when it was called the Ophidian Empire, it was ruled by malevolent Serpent Kings. In these times, the Ophidian Empire worked to exterminate the lesser races – the humanoid races, minus the dragonics and, of course, the ophidians themselves. The dragons, ophidians, and dragonic saw themselves as being genetically superior to the other races and that they deserved the Erf. Of the two humanoid races, the ophidians were the crueler of the two. They found joy in genocide and thrived on it. Those who weren’t killed immediately were enslaved. The lesser races – halflings, humans, gnomes, dwarves, elves, etc. – prayed for salvation from this genocide.

Salvation came in the form of the Age of Gods (we’ll call this one the 18th Age). The gods freed the captured Archmage. (Did I mention that the Serpent Kings had captured the Archmage? Well, they had.) They personally descended from the heavens and imprisoned the Serpent Kings and all of the ophidians in another plane. The gods also blessed a few dozen humanoids with power beyond that of mortals, creating the Chosen. And then the gods left and have not been heard from since.

Without the Serpent Kings and the ophidians, the Dragon Empire is a shell of what the old was. Chromatic dragons rule (where the metallic dragons went, no one is certain) with dragonics serving as their soldiers. Without the ophidians and the Serpent Kings, the genocides have ceased but the dragonics and dragons still look down on the lesser races and view them as a plague on their society rather than people. Instead of murdering the lesser races, they simply enslave a lot of them.

The world has slowly died since then. The Archmage disappeared and he took the magic with him. Magic can still be used, but to do so requires you to touch the mind of a monstrous creature (very likely the Archmage warped by all of the magic he is trying to contain). The Dragon Empire still has military might but they lack the arcane power that the Serpent Kings supplied them. And the Chosen that the gods blessed have all died out in the centuries since.

And still, no one has heard from the gods.

A Brief History of the World

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