Gunslinger, OUT: I. HAVE. GUNS.


Race: Human
Class: Gunslinger
Age: 6 (it’ll become obvious later)
One Unique Things: I. HAVE. GUNS!
Icon Relationships: Last Prophet +/-1, Prince of Shadows +2
First Session: TBD


“Who? Sten? I can’t say much about him, mostly because that man has more secrets than even the damn Prince. I can tell you he’s not normal, has two big hunks of metal he keeps on himself at all times, and comes around here every few months. I’ve gotten to know him some, but other than his name, I’ve learned shit.” -Barton Kald, innkeeper at The Sunken Sun.

Sten has been known to travel: a lot. Some say he fought with the Prince against the Dragon Empress, or even that he has seen the gods. He will deny all of these things of course, and will mostly keep to himself. For the most part he comes by Aziraja every few months, he’s been missing for at least five years now. Suddenly he came to Aziraja with a teenage girl along with him. Since being in town he asked Yvruk to help them find the girl’s parents. Yvruk told him about a couple leaving in the direction of the capitol in the company of a Dragonic. Sten thanked him for the news, before wandering the streets and spending some time in Torin’s Tavern to drink heavily.

He has an accord with Rencelaw to find a special metal for bullets and general exploring.
He tells Helivor stories of his journey (both real and fiction).
He has a weird relationship with Yvruk centered around a toleration of the other. (Sten asking questions about the elves and Yvruk not wanting to talk about them).


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