Rencelaw Baht

OUT: Inter-planar Merchant


Race: Human
Class: Bard
CON 15
DEX 16
INT 16
WIS 10
CHA 14

AC 15
PD 13
MD 14
Max HP 27

Regular Attack +4, 1d8 + 3 (miss: lvl)
Regular Ranged +4, 1d6 + 3 (miss: -)

6 – Interplanar Merchant
4 – Archeologist
Adv. Feat – Linguist (Can passably speak any humanoid language)
Rolls initiative twice

2x Utility Spell (Feat)
Soundburst (5d6+Cha+lvl, 1d4 target, daily)

Song of Heroism (R11+, 11+ sustain: +1 to attacks)

Battlecries – Flexible melee attacks (fighter-style, triggered from basic attacks)

Move it! (even)- ally can make a free move action, or a free attempt to disengage
Pull it together! (11+) – 2/battle, ally can use a recovery
Stay strong!: (16+) Ally gets +2 AC until end of next turn
may change to saving-throw related one

Magic Items
Inter-planar transit device, prone to horribly failing. Likely single-person only
Was once owned by the Archmage. This could not go horribly wrong.

Other Items
Misc. trade goods
Wagon / beast of burden (varies by plane, names appreciated)
2 Small lead-lined barrels. (can fit small creature comfortable, medium uncomfortably)



There was a time when the planes were (mostly) friendly, and the prosperity showered itself upon the Associated Commercial Merchants of Erf (originally a subsidiary of AcME, it would grow much faster than the mercenary business during the relative peace of the 14th-16th Ages). The Upheavals of the 17th Age necessitated a Grand Exodus: In a single decade ~95% of ACME capital and personnel on Erf were relocated to the rest of the planes. Excluding interns, of course. By the 18th Age, ACME is presumed dead, along with the rest of the planes.

On Rencelaw:

Born to the cave-town of Kyakukya in frozen wastes of the Permafrost, scouring the ruins was the family business since the Dragon Empire expelled what remained of ACME. Weaker than his brothers, Rencelaw relied upon his reflexes, wit, and a bit of wizardry to survive. After stealing an interplanar transit device once owned by the Archmage in a harrowing dungeon raid, he began his to build up his mercantile enterprise, and maybe even restore ACME to the planes.

Alias when disguised as dragonic: “Tjan”

Rencelaw’s Contacts:

The Permafrost :

Irudad, the Leader of Kyakukya, where I was born and raised. Sympathetic to ACME, based on the relics and documents of ACME exiles. Maintains the vault of artifacts recovered from the ruins over centuries, and is very protective of them.

The Rust Raiders – A growing band based in the Grit Gates who have realized that Rencelaw pays well for artifacts of any kind. Were previously a community of subsistence ice-fishers, but have recently embraced capitalism . Are only in it for the goods Rencelaw provides. They have no qualms about cheating/stealing/forging artifacts to provide food and the occasional luxury for their families.

The Sunless Sea- Mer-elves on a whale. Wooo!

Hahli the Chronicler – Having fled from Erf in more of a rush than ACME, precious few records of Elven history before the 17th Age survived. Most have moved on, but Hahli, wants to know, and she has been consumed by this desire for knowledge. The addition of a few new texts discovered in the Permafrost and Feywild have put her mind at ease and given her hope that a complete history may be discovered.

The Wasteland:

The Second – A shadowy individual, this person is prepared to take the position of the Prince of Shadows at any moment (Dread Pirate Roberts style). Does a fair amount of the Prince’s dirty work, including occasionally requesting inter-planar acquisitions. Pays handsomely enough, but asks for really dangerous and difficult to smuggle items. And information from the Capital of the Dragon Empire in The Inferno. On one occasion Rencelaw even saw the Second (briefly) and was spared death: a rare happenstance.

The Littlest One – A legless, growth-stunted Halfling trouble maker. He used to have legs, but that was before his unprecedented escape from the Aziraja salt mines. He has become a legendary figure to all rebellious halflings. He purchases arms and armor in exchange for crafted goods and smuggling halfling women/children/elderly to the Feywild. He is not aware the refugees are being used as indentured servants. Probably tied to the Last Prophet in some way.

The Shadowfell – Rencelaw does not travel here, despite repeated invitations from:

The Collector – A necromancer interested in anything arcane, occult, or predating the 19th Age. We have made an arrangement to meet outside of the Permafrost-Shadowfell Starport twice a year, at the equinoxes. Has a nasty habit of attempting to steal Rencelaw’s interplanar transit device whenever possible. Pays in gems and tomes that he has already copied.

The Feywild – Of course there are elves here.

“Uncle” Tolthe, the Gardener. In the wildness of the Feywild this elf has managed to create a reasonably sized spice plantation, using Halfling indentured servants. Rencelaw provides said indentured servants (5 years of labor, then they get their own plot of land and basic equipment) in return for spices. Many of the Halfling women/children don’t survive the five years, but their survival rate is better than if they were tossed here with no support. Little Halfling named Timmy lives here.

The Inferno – Only dragons and dragon-people here.

The Don – A blind, immoral, and mildly paranoid kingpin whose organization can acquire anything, do nearly anything… for a price. Very racist against non-dragons, but can be fooled… unlike his guards.

Rencelaw Baht

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