One Unique Thing: He does that tongue thing.


Icon Relationships: +Dragon Empress, +Last Prophet (A crazy idealist with wacky stories? Heck yeah.), -Raven Queen
First Session: Probably gonna be the first one


Helivor is a former colonel in the army. Well, the Aziraja coast guard, anyway. A coast guard in a landlocked desert, you say? Well, that explains why he’s still level 1. Regardless, he has picked up a few handy skills in areas like knots and sand-boarding due to his job. (Sand-boarding is much like lava-boarding, but is somewhat more plausible. Wings help.)

He has kept up an antique weapon collection, showing it off to neighborhood kids and making it out like he actually used the dang things. He fleshes out his tales based on his historical and cultural knowledge, which he has obtained by reading comic tablets.

Unfortunately, some of those kids died after a nasty sand-octopus attack. Blaming himself, Helivor decided to retire, venture forth, and learn to be a true hero. To right the unrightable wrong. To reach the unreachable star.


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