Tigress Druid-Barbarian, OUT: Plane transference turned me into a monster


Race: Tigress
Class: Druid-Barbarian
Age: 25
One Unique Thing: Plane transference turned me into a monster.
Icon Relationships: High Druid +, Archmage +/-, Dragon Empress -
First Session: TBD


Euphrates is a Tigress from the Feywild, a lush jungle of a plane. She has trained & served as a Lawgman druid for the plane, helping settle disputes of the locals & preserving the forest.

[ Bree: insert meeting Eric’s character (Rencelaw) here]

While traveling to the Wasteland, an…accident occurs. The teleportation to the other plane caused Euphrates’ body to mutate. Under high periods of emotion & phases of the moon(s), she transforms into a human. Humans are utterly terrifying in the Feywild, completely savage and dangerous to those around them.


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